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"... I greatly enjoyed your presentation ... I did appreciate the content, but I especially was entranced by the style -- amazed at the way you blended and directed the content where you wanted it to go, while appearing to get it from us in the 'audience'...skillful and effective."  



chris with camera    EASYSPEAK
    Perfect practice makes perfect.
As a speaker, you are one of a kind!  This three-day seminar teaches and coaches each participant to present with comfort, competence and confidence. By teaching current persuasive presentation techniques, practicing presentations on video and receiving in-depth feedback, every speaker can be a polished communicator anytime, anywhere.

   “ I restructured the entire first half of my presentation slides to conform to the Rule of Three and it worked like a charm! The employee who has assisted me in previous trainings said the restructuring was excellent and made it much easier to follow the presentation. Thanks again for such valuable, constructive, yet kind coaching on my presentations. It made a huge difference for me - I felt more confident today and it flowed much better. OH - and I was LOUD! "
Administrator, City of San Jose


1+ 1 = 3
Successful collaborative efforts leverage the expertise of very diverse people. The collaborative process requires intense teamwork. Each contributor must willingly commit valuable time, ability and experience to the effort. This one-day seminar teaches individuals how to become competent collaborators who enjoy working together while producing extraordinary results.

  "This was one of the best training courses I have ever had in my life.  You have taught us the skills to work with people with different personalities.  These skills are so useful and powerful.  I used them right after class…with my wife and in my work areas every moment, which makes my work more effective and efficient.  I have enjoyed the course so much I wish to have another one!"
Rocket Engineer, NASA, Kennedy Space Center


chris demonstrating  INFLUENCING FOR RESULTS
  Getting in PACE
A competent persuasive communicator is other-centered. During each interaction, they immediately create a reciprocal relationship by using the powerful communication skill called Pacing. Within 4-6 minutes they are able to sincerely connect with people in a very personal and meaningful way. Why? Because people buy people! This one-day seminar teaches and coaches you why and how to positively influence people everyday.

“There have been moments in my life when in deep time of turmoil or demand for decision I have literally seen the light. The common thread through all of these 7 moments is a person that has changed my life.  Chris, you are one of my seven — communication guru!”  You have helped me be honest with myself, stick to my core values, be insightful into others and to see things as they are.  You had a profound impact on me.  I have much to learn and see and hear from you!”
Regional Sales VP, Misys Systems


chris with team members TEAM POWER
Values are the blueprint of our lives.
At the core of every successful team is a solid foundation built upon shared and understood values. Lived every day, values have the power to ground, guide and inspire teamwork. If you can't live by your values, your actions can lack credibility. When you honor your values, the respect and trust among team members becomes stronger. This one-day seminar will focus upon identifying and clarifying both individual and team value systems.

  “Thanks for your communication session with our managers!  As was evident not only from the formal sessions, but also from the social activities, the managers developed a greater sense of teamwork from your coaching.  The evaluations confirmed the individual managers assessment of the effectiveness of your session.  Your involvement continues to be selected by the managers as one of the high points of our conferences!”
General Manager, Turner Enterprises, Inc.

chris with client

Each of the CMCI communication seminars can be adapted into a 1½ - 2 hour interactive keynote presentation. The presentation will be completely customized to integrate with the context, purpose and theme of the meeting or conference. Each CMCI communication keynote is one of a kind!

   “You deliver an incredible presentation. Your sense of humor and the GRAPEFRUIT are priceless. Those that attended could not say enough great things about you and the value you provided. Thank you for providing such a value to our membership. Speakers like you demonstrate to our members the importance of being part of the Chamber community."
Membership, Greater Phoenix Chamber

chris with client
Christine Muldoon is a “talent whisperer.” The book, The Talent Code, identifies master coaching as a key element in optimizing performance. A one-on-one master coaching session with Chris is guaranteed to improve your communication competence and confidence both professionally and personally.

   “I wanted to thank you for coming and helping me personally develop a leadership strategy that is second to none in my field.  Without your ability to teach and interact with me, I would not have made the strides that I did after our meetings. You are a person that I will never forget.”
Coach, University of Louisville

chris with client

Having internal or external organizational communication challenges? Sometimes it helps to work with a consultant who can observe and analyze the issue from the the outside looking in. Through expert observation, analysis and recommendations, CMCI will consult with you to create effective communication strategies for your organization.

   "Christine Muldoon is exceptional and outstanding at communications whether a person is speaking to one or one thousand. She is one of my top "go to" experts for several decades and she is an absolute delight."

President & CEO, DIR Group, Inc.

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